Comings and GoGo-ings

GoGo at Work

Late at the Office with a night cap

Welcome back AIESECers to another new year of excitement and lots of depressing school work. Despite the rough economic downturn, we still managed to enjoy ourselves at our last conference and we’re ready to settle back into our normal routine (or as normal as things get here in AIESEC SFU).
As we enter our new semester, we, the Communications portfolio would like to introduce you to the new blog of AIESEC SFU, new in the sense that it has a new look befitting the scandalous nature of AIESEC SFU and our plastic mascot, GoGo. After much deliberation, we have decided to name our blog GoGo’s Playground not just because we are obsessed with everything pink but also because it reflects the unique identity that is our local chapter here in SFU. You can expect GoGo’s Playground to be filled with lots of information regarding the activities that we experienced in the real GoGo’s Playground, which is of course, AIESEC SFU.

To start things off, we had our first General Assembly of the semester, on the 22nd of January. The turnout could have been better but at least there were enough people to do some crazy dancing. During the G.A, we listened to the resignation letters of Ronny and Kaitlin who have stepped down from their posts as Local Committee President Elect and Vice President of Outgoing Exchange respectively.

We think we’ve rambled on for too long, so we hope to see all of you at the V.P. Question and Answer Period on the 29th of January where we will get to know our future leaders inside and out. In addition, we would be voting on whether Angela would be allowed to assume the position of interim LCP until new elections are held. So until next time, keep reading GoGo’s Playground.


2 thoughts on “Comings and GoGo-ings

  1. Wongers “has no life” blog:

    Greetings freaks and geeks! Highfives to the Comm team for this awesome, kick arse blog! It killed a goood 10mins from my study time! Woot Woot!

    I would also like know, who came up with “coming and gogo-ings” I almost choked on my rice, because it is hilarious! As you can see, i am easily amused!

    That is all from Wongers! Good day!

  2. What an adorable little flamingo. =] I will be checking up on the blog just to see more pictures of him! Or her? Or it?

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