Miss May’s Tutorial

Welcome to the second entry of GoGo’s Playground! This would be a recap of last week’s G.A. for the benefit of those who did not attend but are curious to know what they missed. Ironically, GoGo himself was not present but he was probably on Facebook busy in the office. The turnout was certainly better than the first G.A. and a good thing too because as the title suggests, Karen May gave a short but important lecture on how to sell AIESEC. Unlike most G.As, this one was held in the A.Q which was probably why we didn’t have any dancing . Basically, the gist of the G.A. was tips on promoting AIESEC to companies during a networking event with the help of some PowerPoint slides that she plagiarized borrowed from the Business Faculty. It would take too long to list everything she said (and you should have been in the mandatory G.A. anyway) so here are some of the points that she mentioned:

Having a conversation with a company representative. We should talk about things such as the weather, sports, the current economic/political situation, some interesting things about ourselves and try and mention AIESEC somewhere in the conversation without making it too obvious, i.e. don’t say something like “Anyway I want to talk to you about AIESEC now…”

Coming to the event prepared. We should dress appropriately, look up the companies on Wikipedia do research on the companies beforehand and prepare a list of questions to ask. Also we should not ask silly questions such as “What does your company do?”

Some etiquette on dealing with company representatives. Lots of do’s and don’ts here such as shaking hands properly (use right hand and shake three times firmly), not writing on business cards in front of the person who gave said cards, not sticking around after telling someone that we’re leaving, and how to politely enter a conversation by batting eyelashes making eye contact. Oh, and thank the host and follow-up within 24 hours.

After the tutorial, we had some announcements about upcoming events for those who did not read the What’s Happening Guide. For those who did not read the What’s Happening Guide and did not attend the G.A but happen to read this blog, here they are:

• Check out GoGo’s Playground, which you are currently doing. The Communications portfolio thanks you for your support.

• Attend Costal Conference on February 20th. Applications are due on February 11th.

• New interns- Sahil Gupta and Ioannis Deniozos. We are going to welcome them AIESEC style.

•Icebreaker coming soon (you’ll have to read the What’s Happening Guide for this). As if AIESEC 101 wasn’t enough, in this icebreaker you can learn more about the myths of AIESEC SFU such as the nicknames of some of her members (yes some of us have nicknames).

Brought to you by the Communications portfolio, if we had a cheer, we would put it here.


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