SFU Clubs mean business at the SLR

From the 27th to the 29th, we had four AIESECers participating in the Student Leadership Retreat (SLR) held at Manning Park. Three of them, Fiona, Matt, and Colleen took the time to share a little bit of what they experienced during those excitement-filled three days.

SLR was a brief retreat/workshop/party that involved all the SFU business clubs (and AIESEC because AIESEC is ‘not really’ a business club). The number of participants depended on the size of the club, so AIESEC being a rather small club in SFU despite having 28000 members worldwide was only allocated three places. Fortunately 5 places were open to a lucky draw and one lucky AIESECer, Lily managed to come along as well.

During the retreat, members from all these different clubs such as BASS, SIFE, SMA, etc. mingled, made new friends, and learned a lot from each other. Among the games they played were outdoor activities that tested the endurance of the players (because according to them, it was very cold outside) such as Capture the Flag and indoor ones like Poker that tested their…patience. There were also workshops that involved group projects that promoted team building and cooperation, as well as external speakers who gave some very motivational talks. Finally, like all multi-day events, there were definitely parties at night which involved some drinking and merrymaking.

Here is what Matt, Fiona and Colleen had to say about what they enjoyed or learned most from the SLR:

Fiona– Meeting people from other clubs (always exciting because you never know when you might need them) and learning poker (a very important skill indeed)

Matt– He enjoyed the games, got to know other people like the VPs of other clubs, and made new friends (i.e. former strangers he used to walk past in the corridor on the way to class). He also fell of the bed (top bunk) and scared everyone in the room who thought it was an earthquake. Fortunately he was alright, mostly.

Colleen– Meeting energetic first and second years (reminds her when she was an energetic first year because university life just drains the energy). She also enjoyed the speakers and wished there were more of them.

What our AIESEC participants learned from the other clubs was that they too suffered from the same problems as AIESEC and together they probably devised solutions to deal with them. Our members certainly looked forward to other cooperative events such as this one the future and they encourage every AIESECer to attend them (which means try to be a VP because only VPs get to go).


1 thought on “SFU Clubs mean business at the SLR

  1. “he also fell of the bed and scared everyone else because they thought it was an earthquake.” – LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

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