AlumNight 2009 is here and applications for the Organizing Committee President are officially open. (OC VP applications to follow in the next few weeks.) This is a great event opportunity for those interested in leadership experience or are planning to take on VP roles in the future as she/he will be managing their own team!

The application can be found here.

Deadline for OCP Applications: June 12th 11:00pm to VP AR, Fiona Xu @ aiesecsfu.vpar09[at]

What is AlumNight?
AlumNight is an annual event jointly hosted by AIESEC UBC and SFU aimed to bring our Alumni together with our members and community business partners. This is a way for our alumni to reconnect with their old friends and our members to network and learn more about with the life of an AIESEC Alumnus. It is also an opportunity for AIESEC UBC and SFU to build its own networks through this event.

What is the Organizing Committee (OC)?
The Organizing Committee is a team of motivated individuals working together to create a successful event. They work together to prepare the event and ensure that it runs smoothly. Thus, they are a ‘separate’ entity from the local’s Executive Board. It provides individuals the chance to develop skills in the various aspects of event planning. In essence, the OC runs like an executive board with the following positions:

  • OC President
  • OC Vice President Finance and Logistics
  • OC Vice President Internal
  • OC Vice President External (2)
  • OC Vice President Communications

What role does the OC play in this event?
For AlumNight, the OC will be organizing and preparing for the occasion. They will be in charge of the logistics and the finances of this event. The OC will be working closely with the VP Alumni Relations, who will be acting as an advisor to the OC team. In a nutshell, the OC team will be the group running the show.

Confused? Questions? Please contact Fiona @ aiesecsfu.vpar09[at]


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