Recruiting Recruiters- The Fall Recruitment Organizing Committee

by James Lim

As we usher in the Fall Semester, AIESEC once again asks for your help to bring in new members. SFU’s Fall intake is the largest of the three semesters so there’s more work to be done to promote AIESEC to a new generation of university students. Perhaps when you joined AIESEC, you were impressed with the booth they set up at Clubs Day (it was the flags that hooked me, I couldn’t resist an organization that displayed so many flags on their table) but there was actually a lot more effort carried out behind the scenes and now you can be a part of that.

If you wish to get more involved in AIESEC, to build up your resume and gain valuable experience, or if you are just feeling charitable and/or have ample amounts of free time, apply for a position in the Fall Recruitment Organizing Committee. Colleen Wong, our Vice President of Talent Management is just dying to meet potential AIESECers who have the talent to bring in new blood to our club.

Download the application form from the latest What’s Happening Guide, fill it out and email it to Colleen (, latest by 5.00 pm, Monday. Currently the two positions being offered are Director of Logistics and Director of Promotions. I suppose those two positions are fairly self-explanatory- the Director of Logistics handles…logistics of the recruitment process and the Director of Promotions deals with promotional materials but don’t just take my word for it, contact Colleen if you desire more information and clarity on the responsibilities of these positions.

If you are lucky (or skilled) enough to be chosen for an interview, you will have to arrange one. These 15 minute, informal interviews begin on Sunday, July the 26th and they last till Tuesday, July the 28th, so pick the day that suits you best. Also make sure you empty your calendars on August 15th (Saturday) because that is when the first meeting of the committee will take place. Applicants will be notified whether or not their efforts were successful on July the 22nd.

So if you are feeling up to the task, there is no reason why you should not pass up this opportunity. Check your What’s Happening Guide now and keep reading Go-Go’s Playground!


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