Recruiting Recruiters- Recruitment Plans for the Fall

Hello AIESEC-ers and potential AIESEC-ers! The summer holidays are underway and for those who chose to take classes in the summer like me, we’re just enjoying our 3 weeks or so break before autumn classes begin. However, AIESEC it seems never takes a rest and now we are preparing for our usual massive recruitment drive that will sucker, I mean usher in new members in the Fall Semester.

As usual, every year AIESEC focuses heavily on the Fall intake because that is usually the biggest intake with the most number of new members being brought in. The Recruitment O.C. has been established and they’re working on the best way to bring in new blood but usually they resort to time –tested methods like a booth during Clubs Days and Information Sessions held sometime after. And as usual, the Recruitment O.C. is looking for additional help- they need volunteers to sell AIESEC during lectures (classroom presentations) and to operate the booths during Clubs Days. All this information is already contained in the What’s Happening Guide but in case you did not read it for whatever reason, here it is again.

Classroom presentations are a staple of AIESEC culture. Although the Recruitment O.C. claims that it is voluntary, they really want everyone to participate at least once. Oh yes, it will improve your public speaking skills and I heard from previous AIESEC-ers that it is the most effective method for promotion, so if you have the time and the guts to spare, please help out. The page to sign up is on the WHG, so take a look there.

Secondly, AIESEC-ers are needed for the AIESEC booths on Clubs Days. Those days are Tuesday, September 15 and Wednesday, September 16. The Recruitment O.C. needs dedicated AIESEC-ers who are at least somewhat knowledgeable about the organization to devote some of their time to Clubs Days. Lots of students attend Clubs Days so it is a great opportunity for introducing AIESEC to new people, especially first year students. You might even learn something new about AIESEC yourself. Based on my experience, the main goal of Clubs Days is to get those folk who sign up to attend at least one of the Information Sessions which will be held within the next few days after Clubs Days. So basically, you are enticing potential new people to join AIESEC and promoting the Information Sessions.

So that’s the recruitment plan in brief. We hope you can participate in one or both of these tasks and do enjoy the rest of your going to-end-soon summer because there’s going to be lots to do at AIESEC when school starts once more.


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