AIESEC — definitely NOT boring

by Sybil Loo

Summer 2009 will truly be memorable for me. This August marks the first year I’ve been here in Vancouver and I have not regretted my choice of place of study one bit (with the exception of last winter! Brrrr…)

My journey into AIESEC SFU didn’t start entirely the same, however. How did I join AIESEC? I got coaxed into it!

Well, it all started out with a friend of mine, a fellow AIESEC-er who thought I’d do great in writing for AIESEC which then led to an interview with Matt Baril of the Communications Portfolio and an ice breaker that forced us (the Comm people) to perform lewd poses while making sounds of “ShhTAAA” (You have to play this game to truly understand what I mean)… And here I am, writing almost every week on the blog. I must admit that the lewd poses and weird sounds we had to make made the Comm portfolio a whole lot “intimate” … Oops, I mean “friendly” each other. (Thanks Matt!)

We meet every alternate Tuesday evenings at the SFU Pub while chugging down a few beers. (Now, wouldn’t you say that’s a great way to start the meeting?) And what I really like about our meetings is that it’s very casual with just a hint of formality. There is always something great to report which just makes us even more awesome!

Personally, there isn’t a lot to talk about my AIESEC experience since I joined it just this summer but from what I can gather, AIESEC has so much fun stuff planned – from barbeques to dances to walks on the beach while singing Kumbaya – it’ll leave you begging for more [come to think of it, I’m still waiting for this summer’s kumbaya singalong…].

AIESEC has allowed me to meet so many new people this semester; it just makes my summer that much sweeter. Making friends in new places is really important. And AIESEC has allowed me to do that. We’ve also had the pleasure of taking responsibility of 3 exchange students. We’ve all learnt to know more about each other – whether it’s about knowing how open Finns are to nakedness or to Evan’s love for attention from reading Friedrich Nietzsche’s The Gay Science on the Skytrain – and to conclude, AIESEC is definitely NOT boring. It truly has been a great semester and I hope the coming semesters are going to be even better than the last.

Have a great week, everyone!



3 thoughts on “AIESEC — definitely NOT boring

  1. Hey Sybil!

    I was catching up on the blog and nice article once again! hahaha! Glad you liked Shhhhta :p I guess we should play that game once last time at the pub :p loll

    See you at the gym 😉

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