Coastal Conference 2010….is over!

Coastal Conference 2010 was last weekend, so it’s time to reflect on what a great experience it was.

The OC (Organizing Committee) from AIESEC SFU started planning this way back in October, so it was very satisfying to finally see everything come together. It took a lot of time and effort, but it feels good to know that in the end we put on a great conference. I think the most satisfying part was on the last day when many people approached the OC and told us what an awesome job we did. We also had many delegates, and both our BOA members tell us that the dinner on the Saturday night was the best dinner they ever had at an AIESEC Conference!

Special thanks to the rest of the OC for doing an amazing job putting everything together. And thanks especially to Cheryl Tan, the Organizing Committee President. Without her, this conference would not have been what it was. Cheryl sacrificed countless hours over the past few months planning this event and we are all extremely grateful for her effort. So if you see her around, give her a thanks for doing such an great job.

Now stay tuned over the next few days as we recap the experience that was Coastal Conference 2010…


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