Branding and myAIESEC

Our last General Assembly (GA) was held on June 23, 2010 in the SFU Business Computing Lab. Alex Juy, VP Communications, hosted the GA, and talked about AIESEC’s branding and did some training.

With some random laughing and looks from VP Alumni Relations, Alex was able to teach the main basics about AIESEC’s brand.

We are a youth-driven organization offering professional and student development, and as members of AIESEC, we need to remember that when doing our AIESEC work. Externals are everywhere and we need to ensure we are all portraying AIESEC appropriately.

A simple example we did as a group was “selling chocolates to raise funds.”

Does this co-align with our essence?
No; how does selling chocolate make us leaders?

Our differentiators?
No; selling chocolates does not provide an experience with impact.

Our core values?
No; it only aligns with Enjoying Participation, but what about the other 5? (Activating Leadership, Striving for Excellence, Acting Sustainably, Demonstrating Integrity, and Living Diversity)

Then after a brief overview about, the attendants participated in a myAIESEC Scavenger Hunt! It was designed to do relative tasks, as well as, help with information seeking for future use.

Winner of that Scavenger Hunt would be Kelvin Claveria from Communications! (Way to go COMM for representing!)

Powerpoint can be found here:


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