Summer Simulation 2010

Simulation is a session at a conference that shrinks a whole AIESEC year into a span of a couple hours. AIESEC SFU has decided to bring that fast-paced experience to the Local Committee level!

Members will be placed into smaller local committees and are given a general LC situation. From that point on, they will be given various tasks to complete, in which they would be completing in a normal AIESEC year, but instead there won’t be external factors to prevent their productivity. It’s a race against time to see who can bring their LC back to the top.

The purpose behind this is to promote the creation of ideas and sharing that with their fellow members.

Coastal 2010 Simulation

Simulation from Coastal 2010

It’ll be a great way to meet the members of AIESEC SFU and pass on any of your wisdom! We always like to hear stories.

When: Saturday July 10th
Time: 1pm-6pm
Where: West Mall Complex, SFU

If you want to re-live simulation once again, please contact Bealaine Pamandanan at bp.aiesecsfu[at]


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