Networking 101!

From our very own VP Corporate Relations, Ruby Lin! She has amazed business professionals across the Lower Mainland with her networking skills. Even a member from our Board of Advisors believes she should teach professionals the basics.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be taught from the best!



Have you ever wondered how to smooth talk your way into a business meeting? Or maybe you’ve seen the CEO of a company standing right in front of you but you don’t know what to say? What about wanting to strike up a conversation at a networking event? Do you find yourself standing by the cheese platter munching away or talking to acquaintances you already know?

Networking is a fundamental skill in any business function–regardless of whether you are a corporate big-shot or the owner of your start up company. In this week’s exciting GA you will learn the basics of networking, how to pick up on cues and signals other people are sending you and how to draw in conversation–anytime, anywhere!

Who knows, maybe by the end of it, you might even learn enough to ask that cute girl or guy in lecture to go out for drinks. It’s all about the network and how you start that initial conversation.

The GA will be held in WMX2363 on Wednesday, July 7 at 5:30pm.

Remember to bring your business cards if you have them!

Ruby Lin


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