21 days to change your lifestyle?

Have you ever planned to implementing a new habit into your life and given up after few days of unsuccessful attempts – maybe you wanted to make a new habit of exercising every day, but it never worked with your other commitments and you just stopped trying?

Well, you might have given up little too early – Research and self-help books find 21 to be the magic number that helps people break old habits and form new ones. But how can you stay committeed to this 21-day trial of forming a new habit?

Here are some tips to help you get through this trial period!

  1. Think of why you are trying to adopt a new habit. When you have a clear purpose in your mind, there’s higher chance of you staying motivated and succeeding in forming a new habit – which hopefully will increaser your productivity and provide more positivity in your life.
  1. Understand the barriers/difficulties in implementing your new habit, and think of the ways to overcome those barriers. Going back to the exercise example in the beginning – if you have meetings or work scheduled in the evening, try to plan the exercise session in the morning instead.
  1. Work on one habit at a time. If you start implementing 10 different new habits at once, this 21-day trial might become very burdening and even stressful. Start with the most desired and important habit, and work your way through to a next one.
  1. Track your progress! Have a calendar and put a big X or circle if you are successful in     completing the desired activity related to your habit. This will visualize your progress and motivate you with the feeling of satisfaction and achievement every day!

If you want to learn more about 21-day trial program, the following pages will be useful:


3 thoughts on “21 days to change your lifestyle?

  1. I think item #1 – “Think of why you are trying to adopt a new habit” – is super important. I know I usually get off the wagon if I don’t why I’m doing/changing something.

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