What you don’t learn in school

If you don’t know me, I’m a photography nut, and stumbled across this article about becoming a photographer. Well how does that relate to AIESEC or the real world you ask? It’s all about entrepreneurship: starting your own business and making it happen no matter what it is.

This article summed up 8 things that a photographer might not necessarily learn in class, and from my experience, you can apply 6 of these rules towards AIESEC, as well as, for your professional and personal development

6. Building a System
When you start something, it’s better to plan everything all out and go from there. You will save time and also prepare yourself of what’s to come. Sometimes you’ll be faced with things that you can’t prevent, but those are just challenges to make your system even better the next time around! We’re constantly planning things in AIESEC, so why not make a system, reuse it, but make it even better the next time around!

5. Getting Past the Fear
This is something that I definitely learned outside of class through my part-time employment and/or AIESEC. However, if fear is holding you back, especially the fear of failure, you really shouldn’t let it. If you don’t succeed, then take it as a learning experience, and just keep trying until you get better. Personally, I like to formulate a plan and then execute it, even during stressful situations, I formulate a base plan, and go with the flow. Simulation was one of those things that the Executive Board wanted to share with the members. It got you to do things because of the time constraint and forget about your fears momentarily.

4. Sales and Profits
How do you become better at this? Practice. People will say no, so live with it, ask yourself why they said no, and move on. This can go with marketing calls to even recruiting members and exchange participants.

3. Giving the WOW
If your customer can’t distinguish you from a competitor, then you have a problem. Try to find out what your differentiator is and sell that. (1) AIESEC is the largest student-run organization in the world. (2) It is completely student-run. (3) You have the option to develop your leaderships and/or go an international internship. What other WOW factors do you think AIESEC has to offer?

AIESEC Experience

2. Create a business, not a job!
Instead of doing the work to get money to get by, actually set goals and targets. If you shift your focus, your business will improve and if you do it right, the money will come in.

1. It’s not the camera, the lenses, or the piece of paper the photo is printed on, but the photographer
In this case, the photographer would be you. In a sense, it’s claiming that the equipment and supplies don’t matter, but it’s the person who is using it. The article has this little story:

One day Picasso was having lunch with a friend. A woman came over and asked if he would create something on her napkin; she would happily pay whatever he thought it was worth. Picasso quickly created a work of art and handed it to the woman, and asked for several thousand dollars in return. After the initial shock, she asked how it could possibly be so much for a napkin. Picasso told her it wasn’t the napkin she was paying for. It was the decades of learning his trait, perfecting it, and marketing his name until he became a great artist. She happily paid the price, and left with her napkin.

It’s your skills that matter, and how you use them.

Now this doesn’t mean to drop out of school. School will give you the practical knowledge and skills, but doing things outside of class will help better enhance them even more.

This was based on a photography article. If you were wondering, the other 2 steps were how to price your work and life balance skills (setting reasonable office hours). You can read more about it here.


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