Expanding the LC!

AIESEC SFU’s recruitment this fall is definitely one to remember. Thanks to our Recruitment Organizing
Committee (ROC), training sessions were held months in advance to prepare our members on selling
AIESEC’S leadership opportunities and the Global Internship Program. The ROC created basic AIESEC
training guidelines which included examples of recruitment-based questions to help members engage SFU
students more effectively. It was one of the best recruitments we have had in a long time.

Recruitment included a lot of different events during the first three weeks of school. AIESEC SFU was invited to
speak during SFU Orientation, as well as SFU Business Frosh. In addition, SFU Student Development hosted
Week of Welcome and Simon Fraser Student Society hosted Clubs Days. There was an amazing turn-out of
students and we received incredible support from our Executive Board (EB) and current AIESEC members at
all the events. There was never a moment where the AIESEC booth was empty!

We had over 260 students sign up for five information sessions hosted by our EB to learn about AIESEC
opportunities for leadership and exchange. From those students, 40 attended AIESEC 101 for more
information on specific AIESEC positions available.

Interviewing new members has never been this hectic! The new members were so enthusiastic, many of
them signed up for multiple positions. The AIESEC office was constantly busy throughout the week with
124 interviews! It was extremely difficult for us to pick between the applicants because there were so
many qualified candidates. We decided to expand our Local Committee (LC) and created new positions to
accommodate our new members. We are proud to announce that we have a total of 34 new members in
Western Regional Conference 2010 is happening this weekend from October 8-10 and SFU will be marching
in with the largest delegation with 39 members! It will be a memorable experience, for all the new and current
members to ignite the AIESEC spirit. With such a strong LC, it is obvious AIESEC SFU will be having a
remarkable year!

More pictures can be found on our Facebook fan page!

– Carmen Tsang, OCP, Recruitment Organizing Committee


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