AIESEC: My summers as a jet-setter

So, the thought of writing about my internship experience has been sitting on my mind for the longest time. The idea to write for the Peak (SFU’s student newspaper) came out in one of the Communications portfolio meeting during the summer, but I knew I wanted to write some kind of reflection for my own sake as well. For the whole summer, I tried to write something but wasn’t very successful. There was just too much to write and words got stuck at my fingertips.

I ended up going to another international conference called Innovasia and met more AIESECers in other countries. Another awesome AIESEC experience! That’s probably when I realized I should really force myself to write something and let more people know about it.







Photo courtesy to Alex Juy


It feels so strange to see something I wrote in printed version, but very exciting! If you are wondering how I got really cool international experience through AIESEC, pick up a copy of the Peak on campus (p.12-13) or you can read the online version of the article here! 🙂


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