AIESEC is appearing on a Taiwanese TV show called “University Student Yet?”

The show is about a group of university students discussing  their university life. One of the topic they discussed before  was where can you find cheap and delicious food around universities in Taiwan.

In this episode, they discuss about different clubs in universities.

At the beginning of the show, the students guessed about what club Bill Clinton has joined before. One of them guessed “President Development Club”.

The name of the student that was presenting AIESEC is Zhen Yu.

When Zhen Yu announced “AIESEC,” the host thought it was “I sick.”

Zhen Yu introduced AIESEC as the biggest student-run organization in the world that operates in 110 countries. The goal of AIESEC is to develop student’s skills before they entering into the work force and therefore have positive impact on society. Also, he includes the International feature of AIESEC club by introducing the National Conference that was held in Taiwan.

Zhen Yu shared his personal experience of going to Africa to volunteer for two and a half month through AIESEC. He went there to promote the prevention of AIDS.

Zhen Yu then introduces an interesting fact about the International “cheer” that all AIESEC students do, which is if someone says “Hey AIESEC” and you have to reply “What’s Up”

He said that if you said “Hey AIESEC” on the airplane, there might be people from AIESEC replying you “What’s Up”

Click the link below to watch the actual TV show:


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