Cold Calling X99

So, a few weeks ago I went to a Sales Training through Skype, facilitated by fellow AIESECer, Christina Buiza. As my first time participating in a skype meeting, I felt it went fairly smoothly. She briefly went over the purpose of cold calling, preparing for a cold call, what goes on during a cold call, and how to follow-up. The following are the main points that I took from the session which will hopefully demystifies the whole concept of cold calling and may even encourage you to go and try it out for yourself. If you have any other tips, comments, or questions, post them =D

1. The main purpose of a cold call is to sell AIESEC and get a meeting set up regarding taking in an intern =]

2. When researching for a company, always be checking in Salesforce, either to start off your search or to check if you can contact the company you found, always be checking in Salesforce.

3. In Salesforce there are three rules to keep in mind: The 6 Month Rule, Account Rule, and Alumni Rule. Here’s a ppt that give more information (which is pretty much the presentation outline).

4. A cold call should only last about 5 minutes. Try to only talk about the benefits of having an AIESEC intern leaving the costs for later, overcome resistance by asking WHY WHY WHY, offer sending them the marketing package, get their contact information and thank them for their time.

5. Here is a list of 15 things you absolutely need to know by heart before you go on a marketing call. The list contains the nitty gritties of internships.

6. Don’t take comments personally and just do it! =D


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