LCP Elections

On November 5th, AIESEC SFU held LCP elections for the Executive Board 2011-12 and I was the only candidate for this position. So this my view of how the elections went!

The application itself was very difficult. The current LCP, Colleen Wong, made the application more difficult. It took me about 2 weeks to fill out. There was so much I wanted to say and I wanted to be very clear in my application for people to read. Unfortunately, that made it really long. It did prep me for my speech in advance and got me thinking about what I wanted to accomplish during my term.

I think the day of the elections, I was super stressed and nervous. Knowing I was the only candidate did not help because I was aware that the Q&A would solely be targeted towards me. Colleen decided to make it a little more stressful with this lovely video:

During the elections, I spoke a lot slower than I thought I would and the questions were getting slightly easier as time progressed. I knew that they assigned a person to live-tweet the elections, so in advance, I scheduled some really generic tweets about the elections.

Once that was over, I left the room for the voting to take place. After what seemed like an incredibly long time, a group of members came to get me. I was blindfolded and escorted outside. The elected LCP is then notified of winning by being poured water on.

Even though the moments up to and during the elections were stressful, it is really rewarding to know that the Local Committee supported my decision in running for LCP. I really do want show AIESEC Canada that SFU is back in the game and we’re ready to rock the next year!

– Alex Juy


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