About Alex Juy

Alex is interested in hiking, technology, marketing and photography, where he loves to capture the candid moments. One of his goals in life is to travel to each continent and explore all 7 New Wonders of the World. He is a working professional in the Information Technology and Market Research industries.

LCP Elections

On November 5th, AIESEC SFU held LCP elections for the Executive Board 2011-12 and I was the only candidate for this position. So this my view of how the elections went!

The application itself was very difficult. The current LCP, Colleen Wong, made the application more difficult. It took me about 2 weeks to fill out. There was so much I wanted to say and I wanted to be very clear in my application for people to read. Unfortunately, that made it really long. It did prep me for my speech in advance and got me thinking about what I wanted to accomplish during my term.

I think the day of the elections, I was super stressed and nervous. Knowing I was the only candidate did not help because I was aware that the Q&A would solely be targeted towards me. Colleen decided to make it a little more stressful with this lovely video:

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Canada: Waste Reduction Week

Did you know that October 18 to 24 is Canada’s Waste Reduction week?

It seems as the years pass, Canada’s waste has been increasing! Since one of our core values is “Acting Sustainably,” what have you been doing to do so through your AIESEC work? Do you think we’re adhering to the 3 R’s, or can we do even better?

Here are some a timeline of facts from the Toronto Sun.

1980 – Canada generated 510 kg of waste per capita Continue reading

Video: Southeast Asia

Check out this Promo video for AIESEC Southeast Asia! (Referred by our very own Ellen Law, who just came back from Indonesia!)

Facebook Video: Click here!

If you’re interested in going on exchange through our Global Internship Program, come to our Club Day booth this Tuesday and Wednesday in Convocation Mall.

Also, we have Information Sessions:

Mon Sept 20 – 11:30am WMX 2533

Mon Sept 20 – 3:30pm AQ5020

Tues Sept 21 – 12:30pm WMX 2533

Tues Sept 21 – 3:30pm AQ5048

Wed Sept 22 – 2:30pm WMX 2533

And our “GIP with the VP!” which will be primarily focussed on the Global Internship Program!

Fri Sept 24 – 2:30pm MBC 2290

Chaity’s NOGX West Experience


So I just arrived home (almost a month ago) from NOGX West- a conference filled with rainbows, the Backstreet Boys, Transformers, guns, sheriff badges and plenty of high level strategic-triangle (strat-tri) discussions. And while it turned out to be a fun and truly valuable learning experience I have to admit I was more than ready to give up and come home before I even got to the hotel!

In about two days the facilitators (faci) managed to squeeze in 17 jam packed sessions with a bit of Exchange and Leadership (X+LR), some Communications (COMM) love, Canadian Cooperation, plenty of best case portfolio and LC practices sharing time, some practical skills for setting up partnerships, suggestions for structural adjustments and of course plenty of dancing (in fact we believe we must have set a record for the Canadian conference with the most dances– we exhausted the repertoires of all 13 delegates, 2 facis and 3 OC members)!

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What you don’t learn in school

If you don’t know me, I’m a photography nut, and stumbled across this article about becoming a photographer. Well how does that relate to AIESEC or the real world you ask? It’s all about entrepreneurship: starting your own business and making it happen no matter what it is.

This article summed up 8 things that a photographer might not necessarily learn in class, and from my experience, you can apply 6 of these rules towards AIESEC, as well as, for your professional and personal development

6. Building a System
When you start something, it’s better to plan everything all out and go from there. You will save time and also prepare yourself of what’s to come. Sometimes you’ll be faced with things that you can’t prevent, but those are just challenges to make your system even better the next time around! We’re constantly planning things in AIESEC, so why not make a system, reuse it, but make it even better the next time around!

5. Getting Past the Fear
This is something that I definitely learned outside of class through my part-time employment and/or AIESEC. However, if fear is holding you back, especially the fear of failure, you really shouldn’t let it. If you don’t succeed, then take it as a learning experience, and just keep trying until you get better. Personally, I like to formulate a plan and then execute it, even during stressful situations, I formulate a base plan, and go with the flow. Simulation was one of those things that the Executive Board wanted to share with the members. It got you to do things because of the time constraint and forget about your fears momentarily.

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General Assembly: OPS

Don’t miss out on AIESEC SFU’s biweekly General Assembly.

Outgoing Exchange (OGX) will be hosting!

This GA session is going to be an Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS) for our 2 Exchange Particpiants, who are going to India!

Come out to meet our interns and learn a little more about our Global Internship Program!

There will be food! (But only if you fill out this little survey.)

When: Wednesday July 21
Time: 5:30-6:30pm
Where: MBC 2290