Exchange With AIESEC: Tracy Tran

In our eighth episode of #ExchangeWithAIESEC, we conducted an interview with our own AIESECer Tracy Tran, who just completed a three month Literacy and Cultural Understanding exchange. She retells her memorable, surprising- and sometimes emotional- journey as she worked as an English teacher throughout Vietnam.

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Faces Of AIESEC: Julia

Hello readers!

We’re excited to kickstart our blog with a new installment within our Local Committee: Faces Of AIESEC. What exactly do you do in AIESEC? What is it like being a member? Is it true that you’re actually a cult? 

We often get a lot of questions about going on exchange, but there’s still some mystery behind the scenes with AIESEC members. Fortunately, the experienced Julia Tse will be demystifying these common questions whilst also putting her own unique experience into perspective.

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I am the VP of Marketing and Communications at AIESEC SFU. I am a crazy dog person and I hate rain because I love the summer and all that it comes with!

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What do you typically do in AIESEC?

I typically do most of the managing and delegating tasks, I make sure everything’s running smoothly and I need to always make sure the members are getting a good experience too. I also look after the logistic side of things like sending emails and I help manage the general AIESEC email as well. As the VP I also have to make sure to be up to date in every aspect of the our marketing, this includes the social media, the daily boothing and also the training for all members of AIESEC SFU.

Tell us about an interesting experience you had in AIESEC

An interesting and memorable experience I had was going to my first conference, WRC 2014. It was a great intro to AIESEC because I learnt most of my AIESEC knowledge from that conference and it is known as one of the most spirited conferences in Canada. I also had the amazing opportunity to meet people from all over Canada, and I am still in contact with a lot of them to this day!

Why did you join AIESEC?

I initially joined to get more leadership experience but I became a lot more passionate about the organization after being a member for a while. After I joined and learned more about AIESEC from the WRC conference, I really started to identify with the values of AIESEC as it matched my own values as well. It shaped me as a person and gave me many new experiences I would never have had otherwise. Since I joined in my first year, it also gave me something to believe in, I don’t know what I would be doing in university without this organization, I would probably be quite a loser!  In other words, it has given me something to look forward to each week, as it is now an organization made up of some of my best friends.

What are some misconceptions people have of AIESEC?

Some misconceptions are that because we’re a non profit and student run, we’re not very professional and we’re just a party club. However, because we’re a student run club, we actually feel a lot more responsibility and ownership towards what we do. For example, the recruitment process is very intense with 2 interviews and an assessment centre, everyone who’s here knows why they’re here because of the intense selection process they have to go through. People may also mistake us for being exclusive when in actuality everyone just works together a lot so we have a tight knit culture. Ultimately, we all share the same values which is why we’re all here in this organization, and why we are all good friends.

How would you describe your AIESEC experience in 3 words

Hectic, rewarding, family.

Who do you look up to in the organization? What does that person do?

Our local committee president, because he chose to take on such a heavy role and he is only a year older than me. It is also his 3rd year in AIESEC, so he has sacrificed a lot of his free time to do this volunteer work, and he’s become very good at it. He is also very easy to talk to and I believe that is a very important trait as a leader, therefore everyone respects him. Although he nags a bit sometimes, it shows that he really cares about this organization and he also shows the kind of passion everyone should have in AIESEC.

Why do you continue to stay in AIESEC?

People say that since you don’t get paid and you don’t have to commit, but I believe it’s for greater good. If I had quit because I didn’t get paid, I wouldn’t have gotten a director position or VP either. This organization has given me some incredible experiences, therefore I want to give back and do the same for future members as well. I want to become a part of someone else’s inspiration.

Any last words?

Everything stopping you from doing something different is an excuse, if you really wanted to do something out of your comfort zone or if you want to be a part of something bigger during your university career or even your lifetime, don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you ultimately want.




Expanding the LC!

AIESEC SFU’s recruitment this fall is definitely one to remember. Thanks to our Recruitment Organizing
Committee (ROC), training sessions were held months in advance to prepare our members on selling
AIESEC’S leadership opportunities and the Global Internship Program. The ROC created basic AIESEC
training guidelines which included examples of recruitment-based questions to help members engage SFU
students more effectively. It was one of the best recruitments we have had in a long time.

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OGX – India!


Thank you for those of you who made it out to last week’s General Assembly (GA), hosted by the Outgoing Exchange (OGX) Team! I know some of you even made the effort to welcome our two EPs, Cliff and Shawn, to the AIESEC SFU family.

Ashish is Presenting at the General Assembly

Ashish is Presenting at the General Assembly

The GA was an India-themed Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS). Although it was only an hour, this GA was designed to help our EPs and members gain a small taste of Indian culture and learn more about the Global Internship Program (GIP). The powerpoint can be found here at

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Networking 101!

From our very own VP Corporate Relations, Ruby Lin! She has amazed business professionals across the Lower Mainland with her networking skills. Even a member from our Board of Advisors believes she should teach professionals the basics.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be taught from the best!



Have you ever wondered how to smooth talk your way into a business meeting? Or maybe you’ve seen the CEO of a company standing right in front of you but you don’t know what to say? What about wanting to strike up a conversation at a networking event? Do you find yourself standing by the cheese platter munching away or talking to acquaintances you already know?

Networking is a fundamental skill in any business function–regardless of whether you are a corporate big-shot or the owner of your start up company. In this week’s exciting GA you will learn the basics of networking, how to pick up on cues and signals other people are sending you and how to draw in conversation–anytime, anywhere!

Who knows, maybe by the end of it, you might even learn enough to ask that cute girl or guy in lecture to go out for drinks. It’s all about the network and how you start that initial conversation.

The GA will be held in WMX2363 on Wednesday, July 7 at 5:30pm.

Remember to bring your business cards if you have them!

Ruby Lin

Summer Simulation 2010

Simulation is a session at a conference that shrinks a whole AIESEC year into a span of a couple hours. AIESEC SFU has decided to bring that fast-paced experience to the Local Committee level!

Members will be placed into smaller local committees and are given a general LC situation. From that point on, they will be given various tasks to complete, in which they would be completing in a normal AIESEC year, but instead there won’t be external factors to prevent their productivity. It’s a race against time to see who can bring their LC back to the top.

The purpose behind this is to promote the creation of ideas and sharing that with their fellow members.

Coastal 2010 Simulation

Simulation from Coastal 2010

It’ll be a great way to meet the members of AIESEC SFU and pass on any of your wisdom! We always like to hear stories.

When: Saturday July 10th
Time: 1pm-6pm
Where: West Mall Complex, SFU

If you want to re-live simulation once again, please contact Bealaine Pamandanan at bp.aiesecsfu[at]

Branding and myAIESEC

Our last General Assembly (GA) was held on June 23, 2010 in the SFU Business Computing Lab. Alex Juy, VP Communications, hosted the GA, and talked about AIESEC’s branding and did some training.

With some random laughing and looks from VP Alumni Relations, Alex was able to teach the main basics about AIESEC’s brand.

We are a youth-driven organization offering professional and student development, and as members of AIESEC, we need to remember that when doing our AIESEC work. Externals are everywhere and we need to ensure we are all portraying AIESEC appropriately.

A simple example we did as a group was “selling chocolates to raise funds.”

Does this co-align with our essence?
No; how does selling chocolate make us leaders?

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