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KC Claveria is a curious marketing nerd from Vancouver, B.C. A voracious reader, he's passionate about helping companies build their brands, reach their target customers and drive sales. Named one of the top 50 content marketing influencers in the world, KC writes to share his tips and opinions on content strategy, demand marketing, branding, SEO, social media advertising and public relations. He's currently the content marketing manager at Vision Critical, the global leader in customer intelligence software and one of Canada's fastest growing tech companies. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the SFU Beedie School of Business. KC is happy to connect with other marketing nerds on Twitter at @kcclaveria.

The Story of Electronics

Ever wonder what happens to your old iPod when you decide to replace it? Or to your old cellphone once you decide that it’s time to move on with a Blackberry or an iPhone?

The Story of Electronics tries to take on that question that we often fail to ask: what happens to our old gadgets once we decide to dump them?

For some of us, it’s a question we never really thought about. We dump our stuff in the garbage, and that’s where it ends. Some of us try to be more green and drop off our old electronics at a recycling centre. The Story of Electronics video exposes the consequences of e-waste and recommends some ways we can tackle this issue as a society.

Main takeaway for me? That this is not an issue we can solve via consumption. The proposed “Take Back” programs certainly sounds interesting and something we should all look into supporting. It’s also pretty clear that this issue can be solved mostly through sweeping policy changes and our individual choices when we shop.

I love technology –  I can’t really imagine a day without my iPhone. But sustainability is also an issue I care about. Watch the video and take action today.

By the way, if you want more information about the Story of Electronics, visit its official website. The video is a sequel to the video “The Story of Stuff”, which went viral and is now being used by some institutions to educate the youth about environmental sustainability.


AIESEC SFU Members Attend Their First IABC/BC Event

Last Thursday,  Christina, Janey and I went to our first IABC/BC event! In “The Perfect Press Release”, we heard from Theresa Beer, City of Vancouver Media Specialist, and learned the basics of writing a compelling media release. Theresa has an extensive background in political science, journalism, and communication, and so she was able to give us some great perspectives not only on writing a press release but also on media relations.

The interactive how-to workshop also challenged us to write a headline, subhead, and lead text. Overall, it was a great event  – we appreciated the pizza and the convenient and pretty location. The three of us are already looking forward to other IABC/BC events! Check out our pics below (apologies for the blurry quality – they were taken with my phone).

IABC/BC is the BC chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators. It is one of 105 chapters worldwide and is the third largest chapter in Canada.

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It Gets Better

AIESEC does not discriminate on the basis of race, colour, gender, sexual orientation, creed, religion, national, ethnic or social origin. AIESEC Canada

“It Gets Better” is a project spearheaded by Dan Savage, an openly-gay sex columnist, in response to the recent wave of gay youth committing suicide because of bullying.  The project’s official site pledges “to talk to the kids in our lives to put an end to the hate, violence, and tragedy — and to offer advice on coping, strategies to make it better, and to remind kids that it gets better.”

The project has started to become somewhat of a phenomenon and has so far attracted the support of celebrities such as Adam Levine (of Maroon 5), Neil Patrick Harris, Ke$ha, Jason Derulo, Perez Hilton and Tim Gunn.  Essentially the purpose of the project is to encourage gay youth who are bullied to stay strong under difficult circumstances because life gets better.

You might be wondering why this issue is still relevant.  The fact is that despite the advances made in the human rights movement,  discrimination is still an issue in many regions of the world. The aforementioned surge in gay youth suicides, in fact, all happened in North America.  At this year’s Western Regional Conference, one of the things we were asked to do is to reflect on ways that AIESEC can better ensure that the organization totally eradicates any sort of discrimination. A very relevant topic if you ask me.

If you’d like more information about this cause, go to the “It Gets Better” website. Below, check out the “It Gets Better” video from “Modern Family” Stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Eric Stonestreet.

Career Days 2010 Coordinator (and AIESECer) Andrey Featured in the OLC

A few months ago, I interviewed Andrey, AIESEC SFU‘s intern from Russia. Over the past few months, he has been very busy coordinating Career Days, an annual 3-day career, graduate and volunteer fair held at SFU. Andrey has been working hard for the success of these fairs; he has been involved in the marketing and logistics of the event.

Photo credit: SFU Online Learning Community

Just in time for fairs, SFU’s Online Learning Community has published that interview.  Read it to get inspired, and also to learn how his AIESEC experience helped with his past and current positions.

If you’d like to learn more about Andrey, read our first interview with him. And if you’re an SFU student, make sure you check out the fairs this year!

About SFU’s Online Learning Community (OLC): The OLC is part of Work Integrated Learning, a department at SFU that provides the experiential complement to any academic career. The OLC provides a platform for students to get online resources regarding work and student life. Some of these resources include articles, learning modules, profiles, and interview questions. For more info, check out their website.

A 5-Step Plan to Build Your Online Brand

Photo Credit: SFU WIL Online Learning Community

Whether you like it or not, someone is probably using Google to learn more about you. I’m not talking about your stalkers (although they may exist, too); I’m referring to potential employers, colleagues, and perhaps even your professors. If you go to networking events, those you’ve just met may even Google you as soon as they go home. More than ever, your online brand plays an important role in your ability to get opportunities and to further your career goals.

You can leave the management of your online brand to chance — or you can control it yourself. As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I’m advocating for the latter. As a self-professed social media enthusiast, I’m offering  a quick and easy 5-step plan for those who haven’t taken any actions yet in managing their online brand. Managing your brand online can become complex; however, just by following these basic steps, you can ensure that you’re managing what people see when they search for you online.

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Iris and Colleen Featured in the SFU Volunteer Services Blog

As a follow up to the article I wrote about Cheryl, I published an article about Iris and Colleen in the ENGAGE blog.

Iris Eom is currently doing double duty for AIESEC SFU. In addition to her role as a Project Manager for Outgoing Exchange, she is also part of the Communications portfolio serving as Director of Information Systems.

Colleen Wong is the current Local Committee President of AIESEC SFU, a Vancouver-based local chapter of the largest student organization in the world.

Visit the ENGAGE blog to read more about Iris and Colleen. As I noted in a previous post, ENGAGE is the official blog of SFU Volunteer Services.

Cheryl’s AIESEC Experience

Cheryl Tan, an AIESEC SFU alumnus from Vancouver, Canada

An article I wrote for the ENGAGE blog highlights Chery Tan’s AIESEC experience. Cheryl is an AIESEC SFU alum who  previously served as the VP of Communications portfolio and as the Organizing Committee President of Coastal Conference 2010.

As a new AIESEC SFU member, I really enjoyed writing the article because it gave me a little preview of what to expect in the next few months. I especially like that Cheryl was able to use her AIESEC experience to go after her passion for marketing communications. She also mentioned that AIESEC’s mission of empowering student leaders is what initially got her involved with the organization; this  resonates with me as this is one of the fundamental reasons why I was motivated to join AIESEC. Hearing about how Cheryl benefited from her AIESEC experience  really makes me excited for the upcoming Summer Simulation!

Head over to the ENGAGE blog to read Cheryl’s student profile in full. ENGAGE, which highlights stories related to volunteerism and civic engagement, is the official blog of SFU Volunteer Services.