LCP Elections

On November 5th, AIESEC SFU held LCP elections for the Executive Board 2011-12 and I was the only candidate for this position. So this my view of how the elections went!

The application itself was very difficult. The current LCP, Colleen Wong, made the application more difficult. It took me about 2 weeks to fill out. There was so much I wanted to say and I wanted to be very clear in my application for people to read. Unfortunately, that made it really long. It did prep me for my speech in advance and got me thinking about what I wanted to accomplish during my term.

I think the day of the elections, I was super stressed and nervous. Knowing I was the only candidate did not help because I was aware that the Q&A would solely be targeted towards me. Colleen decided to make it a little more stressful with this lovely video:

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AIESEC SFU and UBC Working Together

Local Committee Presidents from SFU, UBC and UVIC

Local Committee Presidents from SFU, UBC and UVIC

The rivalry between SFU and UBC has become a custom for many business students but AIESEC puts aside these differences for their annual AlumNight event. Every year, AIESEC SFU and UBC take turns hosting the event while combing their resources.

AlumNight is an important event for AIESEC because it helps us expand and build our AIESEC Alumni relationships. Our Alumni are our central source for business advice, event speakers and support. This event gives us the chance to recognize Alumni members with outstanding contributions to the AIESEC community, as well as give updates on the Local Committees (LC) of SFU, UBC, Kwantlen and UVIC. It’s a great chance for members of the different LCs to meet and mingle while getting inspired from AIESEC Alumni stories. Individually, the LCs would not be ableto host such a successful AlumNight because AIESEC Alumni are a limited resource.

This year, UBC hosted AlumNight but I had the opportunity to be on the Organizing Committee (OC) as the Vice-President of Communications. I’m proud to announce that our OC was all female, with three UBC students and two from SFU. With an inside perspective, I thought I’d share my insight on hosting a joint event with our student club counter-part at UBC.

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AIESEC SFU Members Attend Their First IABC/BC Event

Last Thursday,  Christina, Janey and I went to our first IABC/BC event! In “The Perfect Press Release”, we heard from Theresa Beer, City of Vancouver Media Specialist, and learned the basics of writing a compelling media release. Theresa has an extensive background in political science, journalism, and communication, and so she was able to give us some great perspectives not only on writing a press release but also on media relations.

The interactive how-to workshop also challenged us to write a headline, subhead, and lead text. Overall, it was a great event  – we appreciated the pizza and the convenient and pretty location. The three of us are already looking forward to other IABC/BC events! Check out our pics below (apologies for the blurry quality – they were taken with my phone).

IABC/BC is the BC chapter of the International Association of Business Communicators. It is one of 105 chapters worldwide and is the third largest chapter in Canada.

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OGX – India!


Thank you for those of you who made it out to last week’s General Assembly (GA), hosted by the Outgoing Exchange (OGX) Team! I know some of you even made the effort to welcome our two EPs, Cliff and Shawn, to the AIESEC SFU family.

Ashish is Presenting at the General Assembly

Ashish is Presenting at the General Assembly

The GA was an India-themed Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS). Although it was only an hour, this GA was designed to help our EPs and members gain a small taste of Indian culture and learn more about the Global Internship Program (GIP). The powerpoint can be found here at

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General Assembly: OPS

Don’t miss out on AIESEC SFU’s biweekly General Assembly.

Outgoing Exchange (OGX) will be hosting!

This GA session is going to be an Outgoing Preparation Seminar (OPS) for our 2 Exchange Particpiants, who are going to India!

Come out to meet our interns and learn a little more about our Global Internship Program!

There will be food! (But only if you fill out this little survey.)

When: Wednesday July 21
Time: 5:30-6:30pm
Where: MBC 2290

Summer Simulation Recap!

I would like to thank all past and present AIESECers that were able to attend Summer Simulation 2010!

Despite the beautiful weather outside, 15 members, 5 alumni, the whole Executive Board (EB) AND a guest from AIESEC Ottawa, were able to attend and it makes me very proud to say the event was successful.

It got the new members to experience what AIESEC does in a full year in a span of 2 hours and they learned that communication is key to run a successful Local Committee.

The EB really hopes that all members that participated were able to learn something and will apply it to their portfolios in the near future!

Without further adieu, here are pictures of your mass chaos!

I am an AIESECer

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Networking 101!

From our very own VP Corporate Relations, Ruby Lin! She has amazed business professionals across the Lower Mainland with her networking skills. Even a member from our Board of Advisors believes she should teach professionals the basics.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be taught from the best!



Have you ever wondered how to smooth talk your way into a business meeting? Or maybe you’ve seen the CEO of a company standing right in front of you but you don’t know what to say? What about wanting to strike up a conversation at a networking event? Do you find yourself standing by the cheese platter munching away or talking to acquaintances you already know?

Networking is a fundamental skill in any business function–regardless of whether you are a corporate big-shot or the owner of your start up company. In this week’s exciting GA you will learn the basics of networking, how to pick up on cues and signals other people are sending you and how to draw in conversation–anytime, anywhere!

Who knows, maybe by the end of it, you might even learn enough to ask that cute girl or guy in lecture to go out for drinks. It’s all about the network and how you start that initial conversation.

The GA will be held in WMX2363 on Wednesday, July 7 at 5:30pm.

Remember to bring your business cards if you have them!

Ruby Lin