Considering working for the Government?

Have you ever thought of working for the government? Would you like to take this opportunity to network with representatives from the government? SFU Career Services and the Arts and Social Sciences Co-op is co-hosting a signature event called, What Can I Do In Government? on Wednesday, November 17th, 2010. Session one starts at 12:30pm. Session 2 starts at 2:30pm. For more information, please check out Symplicity at (SFU students only).

At this event, you will be able to connect with representatives working in the federal, provincial, and municipal public service. This event will be a Philosopher Cafe’s approach where students are encouraged to ask questions about the career and the working life in the government. You will also get the chance to interact with different table hosts  and peers because you will be moving from table to table at the event during the session.

Who knows, this might be a great networking opportunity where you can find your career path!


AIESEC SFU and UBC Working Together

Local Committee Presidents from SFU, UBC and UVIC

Local Committee Presidents from SFU, UBC and UVIC

The rivalry between SFU and UBC has become a custom for many business students but AIESEC puts aside these differences for their annual AlumNight event. Every year, AIESEC SFU and UBC take turns hosting the event while combing their resources.

AlumNight is an important event for AIESEC because it helps us expand and build our AIESEC Alumni relationships. Our Alumni are our central source for business advice, event speakers and support. This event gives us the chance to recognize Alumni members with outstanding contributions to the AIESEC community, as well as give updates on the Local Committees (LC) of SFU, UBC, Kwantlen and UVIC. It’s a great chance for members of the different LCs to meet and mingle while getting inspired from AIESEC Alumni stories. Individually, the LCs would not be ableto host such a successful AlumNight because AIESEC Alumni are a limited resource.

This year, UBC hosted AlumNight but I had the opportunity to be on the Organizing Committee (OC) as the Vice-President of Communications. I’m proud to announce that our OC was all female, with three UBC students and two from SFU. With an inside perspective, I thought I’d share my insight on hosting a joint event with our student club counter-part at UBC.

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Get Involved! Stay Connected!

Are you unsure about your future and your career path? Don’t Worry! Most of us are at the stage where we are still deciding which directions we would like to head towards in our career life. We are still students and we still have time!

What’s next?

This does not mean that we should procrastinate and hope that our dream job will occur in front of your eyes. This means that it is time to get out there and explore different opportunities that lies ahead of you. Since we are students, we still have time to figure out what we want to do in our lives and what we truly enjoy doing. Therefore, students can start getting involved with school clubs or volunteering off-campus to figure out what they enjoy doing. Students should take initiatives by stepping outside the box and allowing themselves to explore and experience different opportunities. As a senior student at SFU, I believe that getting involved with school clubs is extremely beneficial as it has allow myself to figure out my interest. By volunteering and staying involved with school clubs I have . .

  1. Gained experience and skills in various fields including: leadership, time management, team work, relationship building, and the list goes on….
  2. Made good relations with new friends, faculty members and staff around the SFU community
  3. Enhanced my resume
  4. Figured out my interest and strengths
  5. Each student club,organization, or union allows students to elaborate their skills and find their interest. Within a student club, it is compiled of students that are all learning, enjoying, growing, and sharing ideas together! Don’t be afraid! Get involved and stay connected now!  AIESEC SFU is a great way to start!

I’m sure everyone has different experiences with school clubs, what is your experience?


Imagine each one of us as a dot and when we connect all the dots together, we create a perfect picture!

Increase your Klout Influence on Twitter

Recently, I’ve gotten really interested in learning more about Twitter and Klout. I signed up for Twitter a long time ago before I had any interest in actually using it. I only signed up because I wanted to make sure no one took my username! But once I heard about Klout, which is a score out of 100 that measures your overall online influence, I immediately looked myself up. I had 2/100. It was such an unfortunate score that it motivated me to start taking Twitter more seriously.

Klout uses over 35 variables on Facebook and Twitter in order to determine your influence which is measured with True Reach, Amplification Probability, and Network Score.

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A 5-Step Plan to Build Your Online Brand

Photo Credit: SFU WIL Online Learning Community

Whether you like it or not, someone is probably using Google to learn more about you. I’m not talking about your stalkers (although they may exist, too); I’m referring to potential employers, colleagues, and perhaps even your professors. If you go to networking events, those you’ve just met may even Google you as soon as they go home. More than ever, your online brand plays an important role in your ability to get opportunities and to further your career goals.

You can leave the management of your online brand to chance — or you can control it yourself. As you can probably tell from the title of this post, I’m advocating for the latter. As a self-professed social media enthusiast, I’m offering  a quick and easy 5-step plan for those who haven’t taken any actions yet in managing their online brand. Managing your brand online can become complex; however, just by following these basic steps, you can ensure that you’re managing what people see when they search for you online.

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Networking 101!

From our very own VP Corporate Relations, Ruby Lin! She has amazed business professionals across the Lower Mainland with her networking skills. Even a member from our Board of Advisors believes she should teach professionals the basics.

Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to be taught from the best!



Have you ever wondered how to smooth talk your way into a business meeting? Or maybe you’ve seen the CEO of a company standing right in front of you but you don’t know what to say? What about wanting to strike up a conversation at a networking event? Do you find yourself standing by the cheese platter munching away or talking to acquaintances you already know?

Networking is a fundamental skill in any business function–regardless of whether you are a corporate big-shot or the owner of your start up company. In this week’s exciting GA you will learn the basics of networking, how to pick up on cues and signals other people are sending you and how to draw in conversation–anytime, anywhere!

Who knows, maybe by the end of it, you might even learn enough to ask that cute girl or guy in lecture to go out for drinks. It’s all about the network and how you start that initial conversation.

The GA will be held in WMX2363 on Wednesday, July 7 at 5:30pm.

Remember to bring your business cards if you have them!

Ruby Lin