Dedicated to what makes AIESEC awesome, EXCHANGE!

Click the links below to read the letters from our interns! 🙂


Andrey from Russia

Ellen in Indonesia

Cliff in India

Shawn in India


Tero from Finland

Sahil from India


Griselda from England

Martin from Kenya


5 thoughts on “Exchange

  1. Great article on London, Griselda! Glad to know you’re having a good time! =]

    If I were to go to Europe, I would’ve told them I live in an igloo.

  2. What’s wrong with Cockney accents? According to wiki, Beckham is a Cockney person… then again he does sound funny

  3. I think it’s bad b/c it’s associated with the “working class” of London.

  4. Hey All!

    Glad to see that this blog is being kept up to date. I like to read about the SFU LC’s coming and goings…I live vicariously through your (scandalous) experiences. Keep up the good work!

    Miss May
    VPCR 08/09

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